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    latest status based on  a date


      I am new to Qlikview, wonder if someone can help me with expressions in Qlikview-

      See below an applicant history where row number represents the sequence of activities happened to that application. I need to identify the latest status (SA_TO_STATUS) on a date. For e.g. the status of this application  on 17/12/2012 is PGIOFFER which is the latest status to that date. Status on 31/12/2012 is PGIACCO, on 14/12/2012 is PGIOFFER. In SQL I would do

      select  sa_to_status where sa_to_created_date=(select max(sa_to_created_date) where sa_to_created_date<=input_date AND sa_to_status IS NOT NULL).

      Can we do this in qlikview?

      Thanks a lot!