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    conditional load with filed from other table

      is it possible to use a field from another (allready loaded) table in a load condition of another table ?
      its possible in sql, but how could it be done in qlikview script ?

      the table "customers" is loaded first.

      "customers" (customer_id, customer_area, subarea_code, customer_name)

      customer_area= city
      subarea_code= district/zipcode



      f.e. i want to load purchase histories from one table
      "sales" (order_id, order_date, order_amount, item_ID, customer_id)

      BUT only for customers who live in a certain area


      of course this could be done in the document with listboxes etc. But the huge amount of data from orders should be limited during load.

      i could  be usefull for other loads too, especiall with large amounts of data and distributed dependencies.