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    Can't Apply Server Setup in QMC

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions on this rather frustrating issue.


      Whenever we try to apply settings under System > Setup for our QV server, we get an Unhandled Error (An unhandled error occurred: The requested name is valid but no data of requested type found).

      We also get the same error when trying to look at our QVWS via the Setup pane (The web server is running fine and responding to access requests etc outside of QMC).

      We've had this issue since before I worked here and have just accepted it, due to being rather overloaded with more important issues, but we now need to make important changes to our setup.

      Hoping an expert here will have a working solution, as, thus far, no solutions researched have been successful! The issue apparently arose from an entirely fresh install on a new server, back in 2013.

      Thanks again :-)