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    Set Analysis Monthly Totals and explains


      I'm rather new to qlikview and of course set analysis has a ton of quesitons, but I'm not sure if this is covered it doesn't seem to be.  I have a bill month to month that I need to sum, and break down by product.  Each month I need to sum the totals of all products and have a running total on what the month to month costs are, that part is easy.  Now what I have to do is figure out how to identify what the differences are.


      Here is an example:




      itemA - $1000

      itemB - $1200

      SUM: $2200




      itemA - $900

      itemB - $1200

      itemC - $800


      itemA - $1100

      SUM: $4000


      I know I went up $1800 but I need to be able to show why and I think set analysis is the way to do it but I'm stuck on how to visualize and present that.  Ideas are welcome!

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          Nick Hoff

          Create a master calendar and link it to your fact data's date.  Then you can do a set(s)  Since you are doing a comparison, you'll want to add in an alternate state, then instead of the $ below you'll have the alternate state name.