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    Using AGGR fonction to retrieve same value on each line of a table ?

    Franck Robert


      my pivot table has 2 dimensions (A & B in screen capture hereafter).

      "Délai route moyen" is a calculated expression with a syntax like : sum( integers) / count(distinct dimensions).
      I would like to be able to fit next column ("Délai route moyen appel1") with the value of "Délai route moyen" located on the line where A=B.

      In the example hereafter, value should be 6.
      Line where A=B may not be the first one.

      error loading image

      Formula I tried is something like :
      max( total A aggr(if(A=B, formula of "Délai route moyen",0) ,A)
      Infact what is the matter is that I need first to calculate the formula of "Délai route moyen" (which is containing agregate functions) and then keep only the right line...

      Please help................[*-)]