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    Protect sheet object properties

    Stefan Fischer



      in sheet Settings -> Sheet Properties user privileges can be setup. It is possible to protect "Access Sheet Object Properties" with password? Or can I protect a qvw-File without section access, so user can't change object properties?



      Regards Stefan

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          Marcus Sommer

          Try it with document properties in tab security and there "Change the document properties" and/or "Save Document".


          - Marcus

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            Peter Cammaert

            It all depends on your method of distribution.


            If your QVW-without-SA is published in an AccessPoint, some default security is applied to your document and its objects. In the AP, all QVW objects become immutable, meaning that whetever was present in the QVW file cannot be changed (except position). Everybody will be able to see the properties, but nobody can change them.


            If your QVW-without-SA is distributed to other Desktop users, then your security settings will last until some smart user discovers that he/she can roll back those settings. You see, without SA, every Desktop user will be sort of a developer with ADMIN role...


            Do implement the simplest Section Access possible, and you will be safe under pretty much any circumstance. For example, the following SA LOAD statement, combined with various disabled check boxes in security tabs, will tighten security by declaring everyone except you a USER and eliminating all perks for all USERs.


            Section Access;


            LOAD * INLINE [

            ACCESS, NTNAME

            ADMIN, yourdomain\youruseraccount

            USER, *



            Section Application;