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    Adding static expression overrides second dimension

    Rutger Jansen

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to display a 'static' expression in a chart whilst preserving a second dimension.


      The .qvw attached demonstrates this better than I can explain it. Switch the options listbox to 'yes' to see the effect I'm trying to avoid;  aggregation of the actuals.


      Put differently, I want to display the 'plan' line if the options = 'yes' AND I still want all the other lines -those visible when options is set to 'no'- to be displayed.  When options = 'yes' there should be 4 actuals and one plan line, otherwise just 4 actuals.


      Background: I need to display plan data (which will actually be a set of linear equations) in the same chart as the actuals and I want to cycle through possible second dimensions using a cyclic group (though the the example only shows a single second dimension)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.