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    Legend sorting by volume

      I'm having an issue with sorting a legend for a particular chart. It's sorting DESC, but what I'd really like to do is sort it based on the count of records. I tried changing the dimension to a formula hoping it would work, but it just returns an error. The formula I tried was =Dual(PRODUCT,Count(ID)). I hoped that this would count the records associated with each PRODUCT, but it didn't work. I thought I could then sort the legend numerically on the PRODUCT field


      I can't attach the file unfortunalety, but I did mock up the chart to clearer define what I'm loking for. As you can see, the legend should be sorted by the numeric value after the product name (the numeric value doen't need to be present in the legend, it's just there to illustrate the sorting). Currently the legend sorts alphabetically DESC by the product name.