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    Engine API - openDoc returning error



      I'm getting an error, code 1002, message 'App already open' when I do the following:


      1. Send an 'openDoc' request for 'App A'.  This works.
      2. Send an 'openDoc' request for 'App B'.  This returns an error.


      I am using the Desktop version, and I'm communicating using the web socket endpoint of ws://localhost:4848/app/


      I have noticed that the protocol tester, which now supports opening multiple apps, communicates not with ws://localhost:4848/app, but with ws://localhost:4848/app/AppName.qvf.


      What should the URL be for a server environment?  ws://server/app/AppGuid    ?


      I'm yet to try it, but I haven't found information about this anywhere, so hoping this could help others.