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    RangeSum and Above Functions : Cumulative percentage in Pivot Table

      Hi All,

      I have a Pivot Table which shows the creditors which a clerk is responsible for processing. See below:

      error loading image


      The column '%' shows the overall percent of volume ('Total' column) which the clerk processes. This can be illustrated in the screenshot below:

      error loading image

      E.g. GS processes 11% of the total accounts payable creditors etc..


      What I want to show in the 'Test' column, is the cumulative % for the processor. In the first screenshot, the 'Test' column shows cumulative of the 'Total' column. Instead, I want this to accumulate to 100% per processor.

      The formula I am currently using is : Rangesum(above([Test]),[Total])

      How do I change this to a percentage?