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    How do I authenticate users via AD but then authorise qvw document access by user groups that I specify in Qlikview?

      I am bringing all users into qlikview using AD authentication - but I don't want all users to see all documents.

      I want to create a  lookup table (a spreadsheet for example) where I can say that anyone in the Customer Group can see Customer QVW's and anyone in the Product Group can see Product QVW's only.


      In AD

      user id  name     AD Group

      1234    Bob        AllOrg

      2468    Jane       AllOrg

      2389    David      AllOrg

      2468    Ann       AllOrg


      In Excel

      user id name access group

      1234      Bob        Customer

      2468     Jane       Customer

      2389      David     Product

      2468      Ann        Product


      What I have tried:

      I setup an ODBC Connection to a spreadsheet 'Qlikview'


      and built it like this:


      Workbook: Qlikview.xls


      Worksheet1: entity$

      entityid name descr email
      1234 Bob Bob bob@email
      2468 Jane Jane Jane@email
      2489 David David David@email
      2468 Ann Ann Ann@email


      Worksheet2: groups$

      id memberid groupid
      1      1      0
      2      2      0
      3      3      1

      4      4      1

      I'm not sure where to go now to map the AD user to the spreadsheet user and subsequently make the groupings apply to QVW documents.


      I looked at Documents > User Documents > Customer.qvw > Authorization but when I select users from the ODBC directory they don't get access to the customer.qvw in Access Point, however if I add the same person from the AD directory the user does see the QVW.I am using browser authentication.


      Your help will be greatly appreciated.