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    Pivot table changing structure

      Hi all,


      I have a pivot table like this (see picture):


      The three columns (Actuals Amount, Budget Amount and Local Amount) are expressions that appear conditionally - I can only show each one separately, or two together, or (as on the picture) all at the same time. This is connected to a list box, where I can select Local, Budget or Actual.


      My issue is, that when I only want to present one option (does not matter which one), the pivot table changes form (the Country and Period are moved to the right and are no longer above Exec IS Heading) and the labels disappear. Please see picture below:


      This only happens, if I select 1 option (either Actuals, Budget or Local). If I select 2 options it works fine (see picture below):



      Is there any way of preventing this?


      Thank you all for your help and have a great day!!


      best regards,