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    NPrinting questions

    David McDermott

      I read that Qlik has acquired NPrinting.  I use the built in PDF report generator a lot and I think this might help me, but I have a few questions about it:


      1.  Is NPrinting licensing extra, or is it included with a QVServer SBE or EE license?

      2.  How will NPrinting work with the existing QlikView report generator - is it going to replace it altogether?

      3.  The scheduling/distribution aspect seems redundant with QV Publisher, which does exactly that.  Where will NPrinting fit in with that?


      This is intriguing - the built in report generator is functional but a bit limited.

        • Re: NPrinting questions
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi David,

          To your questions:

          1.- Is an additional license: there is NPrinting Designer and NPrinting Server (that includes the On-Demand features)

          2.- NPrinting offers a full integration with MS Office, while QlikView Report Generator allows the user to create his own reports within QlikView. Which one to use? I see use cases for both. Actually NPrinting distributes QlikView reports as well.

          3.- QlikView Publisher does not produce excel, powerpoint, pixelperfect, etc. while NPrinting does. In terms of integration, so far NPrinting and QlikView Publisher are two different products, having two different services and managment consoles. However, NPrinting does not reload natively QVW files, nor distributes or reduces. Again, there are use cases for both or either of them.

          Since you are a partner, please reach out to your partner manager or closest Qlik office and ask more detailed questions that we could tailor to yours and your customer needs.