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    Variables not working in Qlik Sense

    Vijay Kumar

      I am creating a chart to show the count of products in Qlik Sense.


      I have set up the variable in the script editor as LET vMonthPrevious = MonthName(Today())-1;


      In the chart - Dimension is Products and expression is Count({<Month={$(vMonthPrevious)}>}Products)


      The result is a blank chart.. Can someone help me...

        • Re: Variables not working in Qlik Sense
          Jonathan Poole

          hi there,


          try using 'SET'


          SET  vMonthPrevious = MonthName(Today())-1;

          also put $(vMonthPrevious) in a text/image object just to be sure its calculating the result in right format.

          Even after using SET and reloading, you may still need some adjustments or interpretation/formatting functions to get the equivalence operation in the SET to work as you need.