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    User Reload from Client

    Aaron Couron

      I know that it is not simple to set up a user to reload a document from a client, although this can easily be done with ActiveDocument.Reload() when connected directly to source in desktop.

      I have read enough to know that if you want to do this from normal clients, that you have to use EDX. But that is about as far as I have been able to get. Can anybody point me to an article or link that explains exactly how this works and how to get it done? Or if there is a better way, I would be interested in hearing about it.

        • User Reload from Client


          Have you been able to get any information about this? I am also trying to figure out this.

          • User Reload from Client
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


            Reloading from clients is now allowed by design, as some other things are (execution of certain types of macros, editing script, saving document, change the source document...).

            Using the Publisher you can create manually tasks for reducing data, distributing documents, reloading a source document. This is documented in the Server Reference Manual.

            Here there is a very interesting discussion on how to trigger those tasks from an external event, with some sample code on how to generate the request to execute the task (that must exist already in the Publisher). Basically, it consists on sending an XML formatted query via HTTP POST to the server with some information (user, password and tasks name).

            Check the documents that bbt attaches with a sample macro calling to an EDX task and further documentation on the process.

            Hope that helps.