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    Conditional Formatting in Qlikview

      Hi Team,


      I am new to the Qlik community and this is my first post,also i am new to Qlikview and learning . please help !!


      Need help on Conditional formatting (Color Coding) in Qlikview QVW.


      I have a Chart (Pivot Table) in my QVW with some expressions. For example my Expression is "Expression_1" which is a value. now i have a target for this expression lets say the target is "1", now i want to get a color code(Green or Red) with respect to the target.


      I can use Visual Cues to achive what i need above BUT,


      My targets differ with each Dimension, Please find Example Below.

      Now i tried using If function in "Background Color" under "Expression_1" and was able to get Color  for first condition as below

      =if(Dimension_1='A' and Dimension_2='B' and Dimension_3='C' and Expression_1>=1,Green(),red())


      But what i want to know is HOW i can apply all conditions in one formula and get the color coding.


      Your Help is much appreciated, thanks a TON in advance !!