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    Points on map with distance from an other point



      Sorry for my bad english .


      I have data of customers with latitude and longitude in a table.

      I have also a list of city in a table with latitude and longitude (alternate state named "AS1").


      I wish see on a map the list of customers near a city (in the alternate state). With the distance adjustable with a slider.


      Example : I want to see all custumers 30 miles from New York.


      I have this function to calculate distance from 2 point :

      =((acos(sin((only({AS1}Latitude)*pi()/180)) *

        sin((Latitude*pi()/180))+cos((only({AS1}Latitude)*pi()/180)) *

        cos((Latitude*pi()/180)) * cos(((only({AS1}Longitude)- Longitude)*



      Please help me.


      PS: I have personal edition and i can't open other .qvw.


      Kind regards,


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          Boris Tyukin

          Hi Christophe,

          do you have a question in general how to build a map in QlikView or how to show only customers closest to a City of choice? So user will select a City in listbox and then you want to see on a map that city and customers within 30 miles?

          Are going to use a scatter chart with background image technique for your map or any extensions? I would do a scatter chart and put x and y expressions with outer IF statement like that:

          if( distance>30, customer_lat)

          if( distance>30, customer_lon)

          where distance would be your formula above. so the idea is to show a point on scatter chart, only if that customer lat/lon within 30 miles of a selected city