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    Question about the bookmark

    Larisa Filonova


      I'd like to create a bookmark based on one filter only. By default QlikView creates bookmarks based on all filters available on the sheet. Is it possible to define which filters (or fields) should not be included in a bookmark or vice-versa which filters (or fields) should be included?


      Thank you in advance,


      Larisa Filonova

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          If you want a bookmark based on a selection in only one field then clear all selections first, then make the selection in your one field and finally create the bookmark. When creating the bookmark you can choose if you want this bookmark to always replace all selections with the selection in that one field or if you want to apply the bookmark on top of the current selections. To do the seconds you enable the option 'Make bookmark apply on top of current selection'.