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    question about set analysis

    Larisa Filonova


      I am using the set analysis to implement my task and I have found out some unlogical features.

      My task is as follows: on the one hand a user must be able to select the needed brands in a list box and make some analysis based on these brands, on the other hand a user must always see TOP-10 brands on the screen regardless of his/her choice in the list box.

      I decided that set analysis is the best tool to solve the task. In order to calculate top 10 brands I use the expression:



      if (Rank(Sum( {$<Brands>} [Budget] ))<=10, Sum({$<Brands>} [Budget] ),0) .

      Then I activate the option 'supress when value is null'.

      But the brands with null value are not being supressed. So, I can't show TOP-10 brands only.

      Please see the file attached.


      Could you please help to find out how I can supress nulls?


      Larisa Filonova