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    Convert TXT/QVD to XML ?

    Dicky Mohanty

      Hi All,


      I have a Text File data (attached - LDAPExtracts.txt). I need to convert this to XML (may be using QlikView) in the format like the attached XML (CustomDirectoryData.xml).


      • This is required for Portal Login Authentication in QlikView.
      • Every user should have a UserName and Password to login.
      • The XML should have 3 main parameters/fields. The attached XML has these below:
        • DisplayName (Ex VCC59434)
        • GroupName (Ex QV_GPCS_Common_dev , QV_GPCS_Fin_dev , QV_GPCS_Initial_dev)
        • Each GroupName has some members (Ex VCC59434)


      Could someone please help here?