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    Problem with my  'firstsortedvalue' expression, Thanks!

      Hello everyone!



      I succeeded with Highest and lowest price to get the country name and MonthYear, but using the same expression, I can't get it for for my highest export in $ as show in the orange box below the 3,576,515 $ :



      Here's my expressions for the Country:


           firstsortedvalue (country, -Aggr(Max[ExpVal],country))


           // ExpVal = Export Value in US$


           And my expressions for the MonthYear (MM-YYYY):


           firstsortedvalue (MonthYear, -Aggr(Max[ExpVal],MonthYear))


           // ExpVal = Export Value in US$

      I also tried with the expression:

      only(if(aggr(Rank(Sum([Sales Amt])),Salesperson)=1,Salesperson))

      But I get the same empty result.

      Thanks for you collaboration!