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    Properties in QlikSense

    Nihhal L

      HI All,

      how can see properties like sheet properties, user properties, document properties, variable properties Etc.

      more ever there is no tool bar options like file menu, edit menu.....




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          Rob Wunderlich

          Those property dialogs are artifacts of the QlikView architecture. They do not (yet) exist in Qlik Sense.





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              Nihhal L

              Hi Rob,


              Thanks for writing and every company maintain different sheet backgrounds (template) as per company standard.


              For instance, my client requirement is blue color as sheet background, how can i do that in sense.




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                  Jonathan Poole

                  There will be support for skins/themes in the future to make this easy to manage and deploy.


                  I've seen some reports of changing back end .CSS files to overide default colors but unfortunately nothing from a supported sense just yet.


                  When it comes to colors, outside of sheet background colors, in 1.1 there are more and more color properties in the dashboard objects that can be customized with a central color palette using the 'color by expression' option and then using standard qlik color functions , variables etc... to institute some color regimens. Many of the methods and expressions that applied for QlikView will translate if that helps.