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    Dynamically selecting dates in the query (in user selection)

      Hi All,


      I am quite new to QlikView.Need help to grab the below scenario.  I have a date column which giving it as selection to user. User requested to view report as fixed template. To handle that we have inserted few empty with all the values in the table. when user selects the date then it should pic dynamically the default date also. Below is the table:


      ColA     ColB    Colc

      aa        100       30-Jun-2014

      bb         200      30-Jun-2014

      bb         300      01-JUL-2014

      aa         0         01-JAN-9999

      bb         0         01-JAN-9999

      so my query should be select ColA,sum(ColB) where Colc=(userresponse or '01-JAN-999'  ). When user selects background it should select the date values 01-JAN-9999 so that all the values would be fixed


      Kindly advice.