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    Duplicate App using .NET SDK



      We're building our own Web application using Qlik Sense .NET SDK. And we're trying to re-create the process of duplicating an existing App (same as in QMC).

      From what I've researched the only option is to use copyApp method:


      using (var hub = location.Hub())
          hub.CopyApp(destApp.AppId, srcApp.AppId, <array of QRS identifiers>);


      Documentation says that we can get QRS identifiers from from the following path:

      /qrs/app/9c3f8634-6191-4a34-a114-a39102058d13 Where 9c3f8634-6191-4a34-a114-a39102058d13 is the identifier of the app


      but it simply returns App object specific data and nothing about child objects.


      So the question is:
      is there any fast way to get QRS identifiers without drilling down every child object of an App and getting its GUID?


      Perhaps there is a different method on how to achieve the same result?


      Any help is appreciated!