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    RangeSum in Pivot for cumulating

    Sebastian Schuler

      Hey all,


      Today i tried to create some cumulated values within a pivot table with time on the X-axis. For that purpose I used two formulas, one for actual values and one for the cumuluated values:

      Actual: =sum(Wareneingangsmenge)

      Cumulate: =RangeSum(Actual,Before([Actual cum.]))



      If there are values for each dimension the calculations work perfectly. However, if actual values are missing right from the beginning, then some random values will begin to pop up at a random months within the table. Those values are highlighted red in the graph below. Of course there should be zeros.


      Strangely enough, those values will change if I change the label of the dimension "CostCentre"!!

      Did anyone discover the same problem? What would be an alternative to calculate those values?


      Thanks in advance,