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    Set Analysis within an if condtition

      Hey Guys,


      I'm currently facing trouble with an if condition. More specifically my problem derives from a conditional formating (conditional colour) that I would like to apply to a textbox. Basis of my problem is that I have multiple alternate states and my textbox is set to StateA but the colour should depend on a selection made in StateB. Simply changing the entire alternate state of the object doesn't work since my expressions need to use StateA.

      So this was my approach:


      =if(SUM({[StateB]}GetSelectedCount(MyField)=0, RGB(400,0,0), RGB(0,0,400))


      For some reasons this doesn't work and I wonder whether ther is another way to specify the alternate state StateB for my if condition without changing it for the whole object? Note that the SUM()-function is irrelevant for my calculations I just used it to set StateB.

      All I want to do is have the object change the colour if MyField in StateB is not selected.


      Thanks for your help and have a good one,