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    What is more time and memory eficient?

      In a straight table I have one column that is dependable on other, is it better to use the whole expression, for exp A*(B+C) or instead use column, which is already B+C, so A*column(3)?

        • What is more time and memory eficient?
          John Witherspoon

          While I suspect it is better to refer to column(3), I don't know for sure. What should tell you for sure is sheet properties -> objects -> calc time. Try it both ways and see if there is any noticeable difference in calc time. For memory usage, I doubt there is any noticeable difference. You could check the size of the file and also the memory usage in task manager (processes -> mem usage -> Qv.exe). I'd bring up a fresh copy of QlikView each time. I'm not convinced there aren't memory leaks.