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    Showing a selection in a text box

    James Kerrigan

      Hey guys,


      I'm having trouble showing a selection in a text box. The trouble is due to the selection comprising of multiple selections.


      I'll use fake fields and rows for discussion purposes.


      I have a field called 'Colours' with rows:


      • Red
      • Blue
      • Grey
      • Black


      Now on a filter pane I've set it up so it shows


      • Red
      • Blue
      • Dark Colours


      With the formula:


      If(Colour = 'Red', 'Red',
      If(Colour= 'Blue', 'Blue',

      If(Match(Colour, 'Grey', 'Black'), 'Dark Colours')))


      I also have a Text & Image visualisation set up with the same formula so when a colour is selected, it shows up there. However, when I select 'Dark Colours' it does not show up there, but Red and Blue do.


      Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong for 'Dark Colours' to not appear in the text box? I'm guessing it's because more than one colour is selected (both Grey and Black). Does anyone know how to get around this?