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    Keeping a pivot table detached / preserving position of horizontal scroll bar

      Hi everyone,

      I have tried looking at a few other threads on here, and my apologies if this has been answered before, but I have a problem with a pivot table I've created, and it's quite specific.

      It used to be a straight table, but there were a lot of dimensions (24), and it was making the screen too large.

      I needed it to have a horizontal scroll bar, but of course, you can't really have a horizontal scroll bar on a straight table, but i found a way of doing it by turning it into a pivot table, and leaving 10 dimensions, and then turning the rest into expressions.

      A scroll bar now appears, but it does not preserve its position (even when the check box in the 'Layout' tab is ticked - the table also has a vertical scroll bar, which works fine with that option ticked).

      This is my problem.  I need my horizontal scroll bar to preserve it's position too.

      The only way I have managed it is to detach the pivot table.  However, when the document is reloaded, or just reopened, the table is attached again, and the scroll bar resets.

      Can anyone help me with this?