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    NPrinting Questions...

    Kavita Vishwakarma

      Hi Everyone,


      Please help me to understand What is NPrinting Designer, Nprinting Server and On-Demand NPrinting....

      Is NPrinting helps to generate static reports only???


      And What is the Main advantage of  using NPrinting instead of Macros (Excel,PPT ,PDF or such other formats)..............




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          Neil Gulliver

          Hi, Kavita.

          NPrinting has changed a little bit in the past few weeks as it has been bought by Qlik.


          Designer (or Client as it used to be called) is your basic version that enables you to create static reports (Excel, Word, PPT, HTML) from QlikView.

          Server enables you to schedule these reports so that they run as a service.

          On Demand allows you to build a QlikView interface where Users can choose to trigger reports to be produced.


          The advantage of NPrinting is that it is a lot more stable than using Macros. Macros can sometimes fail for no vald reason when triggered by QLikView. NPrinting is designed for the job of producing reports and to distribute reports automatically to email, folders or Google Drive. Now that it has been bought by Qlik it will be supported and considered in all future Qlik enhancements.


          From an IT perspective, the risk of using NPrinting is lower than Macros.




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            Frank Savino

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