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    Qlik Sense Demo Apps

      I'm interested to know what are the best Qlik Sense apps people are using to demo?


      I think the current apps on demo.qlik.com are skipping over some of the basics, such as data association.


      Be interested if anyone has created a great sales app that they are willing to share.





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          Alexander Karlsson

          Hey Chris,


          Thanks for the feedback!
          However I usually use either the Consumer Goods app or the Sales Discovery app when I want to demo some sales related data. Now I have been demoing that dataset for a few years so I know the data quite well which is helpful as my demo flow in Qlik Sense usually involves creating charts and new angles at looking at the data on the fly.


          If you want to get your hands on the demos, as we don't allow downloading apps currently, send me an email at akl (at) qlik.com and I will send them over.