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    Help with gauge in table, please

    Erik Fröberg



      I want to make table of activities and show the progress of each group of activities.

      Activities have unique ids (ActivityId) but are grouped by their name (ActivityName) and their status can be pending, started (ongoing) or completed. The status is stated by flags (flagIsStarted and flagIsCompleted), and each entry has its own line in the data, i.e. one line when it is started and one when it is completed.

      I have calculated the number of total unique activities, the number of started and completed activities from the data and derived the number of activities in progress (started - completed), both in number and in percent.


      My problem emerges as I try to add a gauge in the table showing the number of completed and ongoing in relation to the total number of activities in the group in different colours (green for completed, yellow for ongoing and red for not yet started). To me it seems like the numbers are added over the whole table in the graph, as I get the same values for gauges on all rows. The fact that if I select one group of activities it looks correct, but then I don't see the other ones.

      I want the current progress status for each activity group.

      For example, in the table below, Activity 1 should have been all yellow as both are started but none completed. Activity 3 should have been all red as none is started.

      I have attached the example file.


      Any ideas? :-)