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    Security in multi domain enviroment

      Hi Community


      I have a customer who is running QVS EE (version 10) which is installed on domain A. They have users on multiple domains - most on domain A (where QV is also installed), but also on domain B and domain C.


      They have trust between the domains, so to grant users access across the domains, I have added the LDAP's in QEMC (under Directory Service Connector settings). They are using NTLM and the default login page.


      Users on domain A are working perfectly - they are automatically granted access without problems. But users from domain B and C are prompted for username and password before they get access.This is not desireable for my customer, so I'm trying to change that.


      Is it possible for users from all domains to get 'automatic' access - so not prompted for username/password? Or does QV only support 1 domain?


      My customer is currently in the process of moving all users from domain A to domain B, so over time the problem will increase (untill I move QV to domain B as well).


      The documentation on this is pretty sketchy and I haven't been able to find the answers elsewhere.


      Hope you can help.


      Hasse Bæk Nielsen