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    Simple math expression does not seem to be working in Qlik Sense

      Now I admit, I don't have much experience in writing expressions, however based on what I have read in the forums I believe I have this set up correctly.  My import contains the price per item and the qty for the price (3/$1.00) and also Qty sold but does not have the total amount sold.  My expression is ([Cur Price]/[Cur Price Qty])*[Qty Sold] and I have used the "create new measure" tool in Quick Sense to insert the fields from my database. When I try to use it in a graph, I use my Store field as a Dimension and the created measure.  Qlik Sense then tells me "The chart is not displayed because it contains only undefined values.  When I load the Store as a measure and only Qty Sold it graphs correctly.


      I am also having trouble with a markdown expression, ([Cur Price]/[Cur Price Qty])-([Reg Retail]/[Reg Retail Unit]) it is giving me the same error.


      These are the first measures I have tried to create, so I am clearly doing something wrong.  Anyone able to tell me what?