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    Cannot modify or change content in the Object Property box

    Pablo Labbe


         I'm playing with the google heatmap extension, adding some features. So I'm not starting from scratch.

         I've added new properties as Text in the definition.xml. They show in the object property box after  refreshing the web view (F5) but they do not allow changes. I can open the expression editor, write a value , but after pressing ok, the text box is still blank.


        I'm working with QV11 SR10 with web view mode on windows 7 64 bits and IE 11.


      this is the content of the definition.xml


      <ExtensionObject xmlns:xsi="http:  //www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"

      xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="Definition.xsd" Label="GoogleMaps - Heatmap" Description="GoogleMaps Extension for Heatmaps" PageHeight="20000">

        <Dimension Label="Latitude" Initial="" DropTarget="Latitude"/>

        <Dimension Label="Longitude" Initial="" DropTarget="Longitude"/>

        <Measurement Label="Measurement" Initial="=2" Expression="1"/>

        <Measurement Label="Popup Message" Initial="" Expression="" Width="600"/>

          <Text Label="Heat Map Radius (Meters)" Type="text"  Initial = "=200" Expression="200" Width="400" />

          <Text Label="Point size (px)" Type="text" Initial = "=15" Expression="15" Width="400" />

          <Text Label="Point Fill Color" Type="color" Expression ="#000000" Width="400" />

        <Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.0.SuppressNull" value="1"/>

        <Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.1.SuppressNull" value="1"/>