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    Calculation error

      Hello Everyone,


      I was using the expression below to calculate a weightage:


      =(SUM({<Date={"$(='>=' & weekstart(date(today()-28)))"}>}[Nombre d'appels reçus])/SUM(TOTAL{<Date={"$(='>=' & weekstart(date(today()-28)))"}>}[Nombre d'appels reçus]))



      So what i need basically is to have the sum of all calls receive [Nombre d'appels reçus] for the last 28 days divide by the total of all calls receive in the last 28 days.


      It worked for the first week and for this week its taking the sum of all call received for the last 28 days and dividing it by the total of all calls received since January.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Kind Regards,