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    Input Variables value in Nprinting Report

    Hardik Patel

      Hi Team,


      I have few input variable in my qlikview document. I want to feed some values to those variables by entering that into the input fields. Now, I want this selected(or entered) values in Nprinting Report.


      This I want to achieve from access point. But when I do this, it takes only the value which was already given in the document. The value I enter in input box on access point do not get reflected.


      When I make few selections in my access point document, they get reflected. Then why the values I enter in input box do not get reflected ?


      Can anyone please help on this ? In my Nprinting connection, I have given the path of my server document. e.g. qvp://<server-name>/<doc-name>.qvw.


      Many thanks in advance.

        • Re: Input Variables value in Nprinting Report
          Hardik Patel

          As such, after discussing with Nprinting Support Team, there's no way we can pass values of input variable to nprinting report from accesspoint.


          As a workaround, we can load all possible values in some field during document reload and can select and get those selection on report.


          To cut it short, we can't pass input variables value from accesspoint to nprinting reports, however we can preload the possible values in document and can pass selections to nprinting report.