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    Conditional Show

    Adrian Buzer



      I have 4 text boxes which show Turnover, Gross Profit, Overheads and Net Profit.  When the user clicks on one of the boxes I want the charts below to show the detail for each.  I have used an action on each of the text boxes to change a variable to 1,2,3 or 4.  In the Layout tab of each of the charts I have clicked on the Conditional show and included the expression vVariable=1 (or 2 etc) but not one of the charts are hiding when the variable changes.  Am I missing something?  I absolutely sure this was working previously.  Is there a setting somewhere which I may have accidentally changed?




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          Friedrich Hofmann



          if you have checked that the variables really are changing, there's only one I can think of: If you press Ctrl+Sh+S, all objects on a sheet become visible - which is quite practical in a way - but that overrides any visibility_conditions.

          You have to actively reset that by pressing the same three buttons again.

          Try that.

          Best regards,



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              Adrian Buzer

              Thank you!!


              I have no recollection of doing that.  Hard to do accidentally!

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                  Friedrich Hofmann

                  Hi Adrian,


                  glad we hit the right one.

                  Well, yes, it seems to be hard to do by accident - but then, how often do you change some setting in your IE or something and you have no idea how you did it, whether it's cool or not ... Happens quite often to me. At times I think I need a keylogger to be able to find out what I did when I have hit upon some cool setting that I wish I'd be able to invoke at will ... at other times it's not so funny when text becomes unreadably tiny and stuff ...