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    Display value, count of one field based on value of another field

    Minnow Noir

      Let's say that I have a CSV of individual product sales where one field is the product name (e.g., "900X") and another is the product type (e.g., "Retail," "Commercial").  I'm trying to show a table where the first column lists the product and the second is the count of the rows for that product provided it's only for type=retail; e.g., I want to do


           select name, count(1) from products where type = 'Retail'


      For the first column, I want to only include names when the type is "Retail."   I tried


      {$<type={"Retail"}>} name


      but it's not valid.  I'm not sure how to say that I just want the value without any wrapping function call.


      For the second column, the following appears to be syntactically correct:

      count({$<type={"Retail"}>} name)


      Any ideas?