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    Newbie needs sample code for QV model using OCX



      I am new to Qlickview and I am attempting to connect from VBA or .net applications to a Qlickview model using the ocx . Can you point me to any sample code you found or have?




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          Jeff Koch

          Yes, we got this working; but it also appears that this specific issue might be a bug.  The limitation on exporting the table was due to a 32 bit limitation.   The hard crash appears to be a bug which will be reported.

          To get it to fully work required changing the program properties to be change by unchecking the "I prefer 32 bit" check box when targeting Any CPU.


          When in 32 bit mode we could export smaller tables but not the full large table.  When it did export (in 64 bit) the XML export was over 45 MB.