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    YTD monthly expression not working in SR6, works in SR2


      I have a requirement, where i want to show YTD monthly accumulation in bar chart.


      e.g- If i select month as Jan, i should see all values for the measure for jan, if i select feb, it should be accumulation of jan & feb.

      In the same bar chart i should see both jan & feb trend.


      I used the below expression.


      Rangesum(above(sum({<[Month]={'<=$(=max([Month]))'}>}[Sales Triggered]),0)) with full accumulation in expression.


      My dimensions are 'Sales Month' and another cyclic group with 'Country' & 'Continent'.

      For one country, the Sales Triggered value is 0 for Feb month but for jan it's 5. So i should see 5 in jan & 5 in Feb also (5+0=5)


      Strange is that it's working fine in SR2 QV11 but not in SR6/SR8.


      Please help on this.


      Thanks in advance