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    Drag GeoKey from Master Items does not work

    Paul Scotchford



      I have followed the video to create a GeoKey in the Master items area in QlikSense 1.1

      The geokey is created as GeoMakePoint(Latitude,Longitude)


      Dragging it to the Map object on my sheet gives the error "The action you are attempting cannot be applied to this visualization"

      This a not how it works in Michael's Part 1 video for mapping.


      I would prefer to be able to use the Master Item as it means my user will not need to code the

      GeoKey every time they reload their location data.


      Anyone else experience this issue?


      Works ok if I add it to load script.




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          Quan Ho

          Hi Paul,

          First of all, I would like to explain how the point layer works.


          The point layer need two dimensions:

          1. The first dimension for location/point name

          2. The second dimension for two coordinates of the location/point


          When the user drags a field/dimension to be the first dimension of the point layer, the map will search for geo-fields (i.e. fields with the tag $geopoint) connected to the first dimension. If there is only one geo-field connected to the first dimension then it will AUTOMATICALLY choose that geo-field as the second dimension of the point layer. If there are more than one geo-fields connected to the first dimension then these geo-fields will be displayed for the user to choose. If there is no geo-field connected to the first dimension then the map will display the message "The action you are attempting cannot be applied to this visualization".


          Regarding to your case, the difference between the two scenarios is that:


          - When you create a point dimension in library by using GeoMakePoint, this dimension doesn't has the tag $geopoint right away (UNTIL it is evaluated by the engine). That's why it cannot be used as a geo-point dimension if you don't evaluate it first.

          - When you use GeoMakePoint in the load script to create a point field, this field is evaluated when the script is loaded and then it has the tag $geopoint (to specify this field can be used as a geo-point field to create a point layer).


          So one way you can use GeoMakePoint-dimension in the library is that:


          1. Evaluate it first by drag-n-drop this dimension in to the sheet to create a filter pane, or drag-n-drop it into a table.

          2. Drag-n-drop a field or dimension to which the GeoMakePoint-dimension connected to the point layer.


          If you need more help just attach your qvf file I may guide you further.


          Any way we will investigate more into this to make using GeoMakePoint as simple as drag-n-drop other fields/dimensions.





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            Paul Scotchford

            If I use GeoMakePoint in the Load script (and refresh load), and then open

            the model and add Geokey to master items , I can then use this master item as

            I want to with a drag and drop to the Map object. Its a workaround as Id rather keep it out of the model.

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              Michael Tarallo

              Hello Paul - I just tested this again and you are correct - this is no longer working (as it did in the video) when created as a Dimension in the master items list. I will bring this to the attention of R&D. Thanks for letting us know - it seems that using the script is the best way for now.


              I assume you are using Qlik Sense Desktop and not Server? Note, I understand you may not want a user to code the geokey, when they reload their data - but they don't need to code this every time they reload if the same app - once the GeoMakePoint() loads the key it is in the data model and available to all sheets and objects in the app. Each App that is created would need this GeoMakePoint function along with the data load - as the Master Items Dimensions and Measures are available per APP, not per a centralized repository.


              Let us know how else we can help.


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              Mike Tarallo