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    Document speed advice needed

    Bella Mae

      Afternoon all


      We are finding that the documents when accessed via the web are slowing down the longer they are used so I assumed there was some sort of caching going on that was hogging memory however from what I have read on here the caching process QlikView uses is supposed to help with speed. Does anyone have any advice on whether I should go down the path of giving my users the ability to clear the cache?





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          Peter Turner

          Hello Bella,


          The QlikView Server does cache documents and user selections to give improve performance, the fact that the documents seem to be slowing down the longer they are used might indicate a resource problem on the server?

          When you next get the slow down you could check the available memory on your server box incase that's the problem.


          You wouldn't be able to give a user the ability to clear cache as only a restart of the QVS service on the server will do that.

          If resources on the server are the problem you could think about adding more RAM, looking at the amount of data inside your documents and any performance changes you could make. Performance and optimising are a wide subjects so its best to try and narrow down the cause first.