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    QlikView and Webseal

      Hi All,


          I am new with Qlikview BI reporting. In our customer side we are trying to integrate with Webseal and Qlikview server.  we have only Standard licence for qlikview application


      I created junction between webseal and qlikview server. This is not SSO junction, it is standard junction. After i login to webseal and Qlikview server i am unable to access the BI reporting application.


      From webseal we are getting the following error,


      DPWWA1235E Could not read the response status line sent by a third-party server. Possible causes: non-spec HTTP headers, connection timeout, no data returned. This is not a problem with the WebSEAL server.

      The error says webseal is unable to process the request from QQlikview application. Could you please advice me to resolve the issue.