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    Bar Chart hang when include single quotation mark in QDF Variable for Set Analysis

      I have tried to use the QDF variables editor as a base for my applications variables. It works fine when variable values doesn't include the single quotation mark, but when I include it as required for set analysis it hangs the chart as below:

      1. create a variable value as below

      Variable NameVariable Value
      Set v_SaleOfAsum(sales)

      2. add the var name to expression of a chart (example bar chat). $(v_SaleOfA)

      3. Modify the variable with some set analysis that contain single quotation mark as below:

      Variable NameVariable Value
      Set v_SaleOfAsum({<prod = {'A'}>}sales)

      4. Update the variables and reload the application to see the changes on the chart.

      5. remove the set analysis OR modify the set analysis with more rules.

      6. Update the variables from QDF and reload the application.

      7. The chart that using this variable name is not effected by the changes. It actually hangs and doesn't response to any changes in its properties. even thought he variable value changes correctly under Settings Variables Overview the chart still not responding.


      I might doing something wrong here but this what I have get. Your help, advice and guide on how to use set analysis in QVD variables will be much appreciated.