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    Clustering in v11 with different Hardware

    Shane Spencer

      We've got a clustered environment with 2 QlikView Servers and 1 Publisher.


      The 2 QlikView Servers are:

      IBM Model:  x3650 M3 - 7945 with 24 Cores and 288GB of RAM.


      We've running out of capacity so one option we're looking at is adding another QlikView Server (and license etc) but we cannot get another server of the same type. However we have readily got the following we could "steal" from another environment:


      HP Model:  ProLiant DL380p Gen8 with 24 Cores and 256 GB of RAM.


      From everything I have read Qlik does not support non-matching hardware - is that true?

      but it is possible to use non-matching hardware - is that true? Does anyone have any experience of this?


      We already use the "Performance" tab to make out Documents Available only on a certain server so the load balancing mechanism is redundant.




      n.b. Our Servers are maxed out on RAM and we've got a six month lead time on getting new servers so we're looking for a quick win.