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    Limit a database table by a timestamp for the last booking?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a table from the database with a nr. of transactions. One of those was a check of the former - someone goes and checks if all the boxes (well, a selection, anyway) are in the exact place that the database says they are. If not, he corrects that, so he does another booking.

      The booking by this person is recorded along with an exact timestamp in the format >> #####,######## << - the date and time with more decimals than I need.

      Now I would like to filter the table I have to make sure that was the very last booking and I get none effected after the check - so I join the timestamp of the check into my table of bookings (via the unique ID of every box) and I go like

      >> WHERE [timestamp_booking] <= [timestamp_check] <<


      For some reason, that doesn't work - I still get a booking that was effected a few hours after the check. I tried using the num() function or replacing the ',' with a '.', but to no avail up to now.

      Can anyone help me here?

      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,