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    Qliksense - Drag and drop for published apps



      We are planning to a migration to Qlik sense and had couple of queries in this regard.


      1. When the apps are published in Qlik sense, it is said that apps will not be editable. Does that mean the drag and drop facility will not be available to the users?


      2. I understand that Qlik Sense server is integrated with Publisher now and no additional server components need to be purchased along with Qlik sense.


      3. I could not find documents related to Qlik Sense single sign on, which is a necessity at our end.


      Request some pointers on the above.



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          Alexander Korsikov

          1. When you are developing applications on the server functionality drag & drop is not available

          Drag and drop functionality for creating objects visualization works just like a desktop. Users can create their own lists and their visualization in the published application and also shared with other users.

          I mean what does not drag and drop data at load data. It is not possible to draw & drop  on the window Excel file and receive data from it. Only after writing the code in the load script


          The app is locked when published. Content can be added to a published app via the Qlik Sensehub in a server deployment, but content that was published with the original app cannot be edited.

          2. the server itself is free. but to work with them need to buy tokens. The cost of the server will be equal to the total value of tokens.

          3. look here Single Sign On with Qlik Sense