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    Must_Include issue on server

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      QV Vertion 10.0.9061.7  Production

      QV Vertsion 10.0.9516.9 Development


      My client has the 2 versions on their Dev and Prod servers.  (Yes, we are trying to get them to upgrade!!) As you can see it is a few SR releases older on Production. 


      When we run an application on the DEV server with must_include statements, it runs perfectly.

      When we run the same application on the Prod server with must_include statements, it does not run BUT we also DO NOT get an error message.  Just no data.  Yes the same files are on both servers that are loaded with the include statement.  When we remove the must_, the application runs (at least so far).  I tried to find out when the must_include was added or if there were any bugs fixed between 9061 and 9516 but cannot find anything.  Any idea?