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    APPCRASH on Qlikview OCX

      Hello, I found a problem testing the ocx with Visual Studio .NET ,


      I follow the instructions on this video: QlikView OCX Recording - Version 11


      Now I got my application successfully running...


      The problem comes using this app for a while, to get the error fastest, I add all my fields in the sheet,


      Later I select one field and delete de field box in the sheet... one by one , I do this for all the fields, if I select an erase all de field, I add all the fields again


      In one random moment, I got this rare X in the field box,


      And in the next selection I got this Error



      For more details I add a document with more details in Spanish...


      I test different versions of Qlikview ocx, only in the 9.0 version the error disappear...


      If I test this document directly in Qlikview, the error disappear

      Any ideas?